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The Importance of Keywords and Key Phrases in SEO

Often in the performance of activities on the Internet, and more precisely in the promotion of a site, we come across the word “keyword”. Today, we’ll try to figure out what it is.

“Keyword” means “key” that is a key word or key phrase. Keywords are needed to implement a search for information on the Internet. For example, typing on Google a key phrase “hard disk”, we’ll get a list of sites with the necessary information that contain this word as part of their content.

The keys are categorized as follows:

1. High-frequency
2. Midrange
3. Low-frequency

Here “frequency” means the frequency of the query of this expression or a key word. These values help us determine how often this keyword is used by visitors to search for the required information.

By correct use of keywords in the content that fill out the pages of the site, you can successfully promote your web site on a more advanced position in search engines.

Today there is an abundance of sources that are invaluable assistants in a keyword search. Keyword selection process should be taken very seriously, because it is their presence in the text, posted on the web pages, that determine the probability to “be found” by search engine when requested.

However strange it may seem, new sites need to be taken to the first level of the search engine by low-frequency keywords. The thing is that the low frequency keyword is in less competition and it is more likely to get to the top. But it is very important not to take the keys with attendance less than three thousand, and not more than nine thousand people a month.

Picking low frequency keys and inserting them into the content on the site, you just need to follow how the site ranking rises on these requests. In the course of time midrange and high-frequency keywords will also become relevant for the promotion of your resource.


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