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The importance of properly naming images on your business website

Almost every business website includes some images in their designs. These include product and/or service photos, as well as background images. Your image names should be keyword-rich: if the product you’re selling is a Motorola Xoom tablet, try naming it “motorola-xoom.jpg” or something relatively meaningful. It is wrong to give your products generic names like image-1234.jpg or 00996.gif.

Proper Way To Name Images

Millions of Internet users use image search to locate products that might interest them. And naturally, you can’t just expect anyone to search for “image-1234” or “image-1234.jpg” on Google or Bing image searches. On the contrary, Internet users find numerous products and services every day through organic image searches by inputting the right keywords.

Always use the ALT and Title tags for your images. For example: <img src=” images/motorola-xoom.jpg” alt=”Motorola Xoom” title=”Motorola Xoom” border=”0″>. While some web designers use only one of the tags on a page, be aware that the ALT tag only works in Internet Explorer and the Title tag doesn’t work in IE. Seasoned website designers choose to add both the Alt and Title tags to enhance cross-browser compatibility. The main importance of these tags is to help media crawlers understand the keywords the images are targeting. And without them, there’s no way web crawlers can “view” and understand pictures the way humans do.

By now you must have known why it makes sense to use Google image search to look for “Motorola Xoom” and not “Image 1234”. Proper naming of images will help a wider web audience to find you!

Not every web designer understands the need to optimize images on web pages. And since you’re now aware of this importance, before you decide to hire graphic and web designers, discuss with them how they intend to optimize the images on your proposed website. Any business website that doesn’t adhere to proper naming and tagging conventions risks depriving itself of a high volume of traffic.


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