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The importance of social media to a business website

Businesses are increasingly using social media to share their content with a wider audience. This mainstream trend has given rise to a new form of website promotion called social media optimization. SMO is an online method of social media activity with the intent of attracting targeted visitors to website content that interests them. It’s vital to promote your business website on popular social networking sites, because your competitors are doing just that. Some even hire social media promotion experts to help drive traffic to their websites. This type of traffic certainly converts to sales, since they come from people who already show interest in your product or service before they visit.

Social Media Optimization

How to use social media to promote your website:

  • Create a business account for your company in every major social networking site. Constantly update your profile with fresh content.
  • Include social buttons of the most popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn and Google+. Doing this will enable your visitors to share your content with other web users. The power of the Facebook “Like”, “Tweet” and Google+ buttons cannot be underestimated. These are free forms of viral promotion by people who like your products/services and want others to know about their existence.

Social media optimization consumes a lot of time and needs to be craftily done, in order to yield the desired result. If you don’t have the required skills and time to promote your products on social circles, the best thing to do is to hire an experienced hand to help you out.


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