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Three Tips on Effective Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization will not be useful if you choose wrong keywords. The use of wrong keywords will cause waste of money, time and energy and cannot increase your website’s rating. In order to escape all these problems and become easily findable for the customers, first the website owner must research and target the most effective keywords.

Here are some tips on effective keyword research:

1. Make keyword research. It is important to understand what kind of website you are trying to optimize, and then choose the best keywords related to that business or company. Using the same keywords for all websites is wrong and not effective. Focus on two to five keywords for a page and it will give you chance to reach higher ranking.

2. Pay attention to country specific keyword research. It can be an English speaking country, but there may be many differences. For example, UK and the US have different spelling, words and expressions and terminology (e.g. the British say flat, while Americans say apartment, or colour/color). Thus, take into consideration the country before choosing an effective keyword.

3. Make keyword analysis. After you have chosen your keywords, you need to determine if they are really effective for that page. Besides that you have to check the competitiveness of those keywords. And in order to find out that you will first need to see who your competitors are and how strong the competition can be. Don’t ignore this point as it plays a crucial role for the success of an SEO campaign.

Correct research and analysis of keywords are basic and successful for a certain SEO plan. First of all, you must try to understand or even think like your clients. What keywords would you search for on Search Engines to find what you need? If you find the answer to this question, you will also find the most effective keywords. Remember that when your client looks for certain information, Search Engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing bring the list of pages, which contain articles that include word combinations or phrases related to that keyword or topic.


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