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Tips for creating a website html

Before creating a website html, first of all you need to choose a topic for the future web resource, to estimate the number of people who are interested in this topic, the number of sites that make you competitive.

1. The first step is to read the “HTML Tutorial for Beginners.” This manual is written in a very clear and accessible language. During reading you should try out the given examples to get an idea of the most necessary elements: tags, creation and formatting of texts, addition of images and background, change of colors, creation of hyperlinks.

2. Then, before you create a website html, you will need an HTML-editor.

3. You can then start experimenting. Try to add a few pictures yourself in different areas of your page, change the background, text size and color. Add a few simple java-scripts.

4. When you are able to create pages by your own, you can proceed to solving more complex problems on “How to create a website html”. Experiment with graphics to decorate your page. You can download information about PHP, CSS, CGI, SSI Javascript, etc.

Useful tips when creating a site

You need to ensure that pages created by you are not too large in size – the perfect size is not greater than 30KB.

Avoid large images, and applets, as their loading takes rather long time, so you need to consider this fact before creating a website html.

If possible, try not to use frames, as these pages are indexed by search engines more slowly.

If you want your resource to be properly ranked by search engines, minimize the use of Flash, despite its “beauty.” The same can be said about scripts.

Make use of CSS. Examine the cascading tablets of styles before creating a site on html, since their use may significantly ease the page.


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