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Tips on Designing Smart Banners

This article is devoted to web banners and in particular the basic factors which may make your banner in the Internet even better. For those people who may not know what a banner is, let us give its simple definition – banner is a graphical advertisement, posted on this or that site, by clicking on which you are redirected to the web site of the customer of advertising services.

This graphical image may be different in size. The most common and generally accepted dimensions in the web are 480x60px, 400x40px, 234x60px, 120x60px, 88x33px.

Each banner is made up of
1) Slogan
2) Illustration
3) Color scheme
4) Additional text
5) Additional advertising design to highlight the main idea and style of the banner.

You should consider a number of requirements to make the banner ad give expected results. For example, a very important parameter for the banner is its a�?weighta�? in kilobytes. Experts agree that the optimum size is 12 KB. While the most popular graphic formats of banners are GIF and JPEG.

Taking into account the fact that viewing a banner takes from 3 to 5 seconds in the first place in the list of requirements come slogan and visual representation. To create a standing image and a slogan, first of al it is necessary to understand the main purpose of a particular advertisement.

Originally a slogan is created, and then later on it serves as a base for the creation of visual illustration.

A banner must be bright, noticeable but this does not mean you have to use the maximum number of colors. It is best to choose a single primary color such as red, green or blue.

It is desirable that the banner includes your logo or website address. This allows the visitor to understand where the advertisement leads. Therefore, it would be good to include in the visual part of the banner images that speak of the theme of your site.

Location of the banner on the page plays an important role. A banner placed in foreground and even on the home page is much more likely to be seen by the visitor.

More popular are those banners placed on the resources that are similar with the theme of the advertisement itself.

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