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Tips on how to engage your audience on Facebook

Social media has become an important way of reaching potential customers, as well as maintaining present ones. Every commercial venture with foresight needs to have business pages on all major social outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Business owners like you frequently post updates about their companies on their Facebook pages. These updates include things like information about your products and/or services, special offers, product releases, etc.

Facebook for Business

Facebook has some powerful tools which you can use to your advantage. The “Like” button is one of such tools. Join some groups of other members who are interested in your niche and continually post status updates there. Each time you post to a group, all its members will be notified about it. Also, when you update your business page, post a link to the snippet in your groups. This is one of the best ways to make your business ever-present to your target audience.

If your offerings are interesting and your Facebook page is well-managed, some members will naturally “like” your posts and/or comment on your updates. It’s vital not to overlook any of these – you have to follow up all of them. You can do this by replying to each “Like” or comment. When you do that, ensure you enter the person’s name, so that Facebook will notify him/her about your response. The essence is to keep in touch with every contact.

While social media is vital to the growth of modern businesses, it requires effort, mastery and a lot of precious time. That’s why we strongly recommend hiring an experienced social media optimization (SMO) specialist to handle it, while you concentrate on managing your business.


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