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Tips to Creating an Effective Mobile Website

Standard web pages and AdWords ads can be loaded on the high-end mobile devices (eg, iPhone or smartphones based on Android). But even if a potential client with a mobile phone can browse the pages designed for PC, it does not mean that this website satisfies the needs of the user.

To attract the owners of all mobile devices, you should create a version of the site optimized for small screens, where you can easily make a purchase or perform other actions.

When creating a mobile website, consider appropriate recommendations (simple navigation, an indication of the physical address of the user’s location). If your target audience includes users of WAP-phones, youai??i??ll need to consider using a code that is optimized for mobile devices.

Attracting mobile customers with a regular HTML-Site

Even if you do not have a mobile site, AdWords allows you to display text ads on Google search results for owners of high-end handheld devices (eg, iPhone, Android). These phones have a full-featured web browser (like a normal computer), and then the buyer can go to your regular HTML-site by clicking the ads on the search results page.

Today, many portable devices are equipped with browsers, operating with the usual web content, but some phones do not have this opportunity and are able to display only specific mobile pages. To successfully engage users of these devices, you need to create a mobile WAP-listing and adapt the site accordingly.

Recommendations for creating a website for mobile devices

When creating an adapted version of the site for mobile, you should take into account the small screen size of mobile devices and the nature of the actions of the users. There are some guidelines that will help you create a mobile version of a website that will be convenient for users and allow them to easily perform the desired actions.

The site should work fast

  1. Avoid large blocks of text and use lists.
  2. Use images in a compressed format to reduce page load time.

Make sure the visitors can easily make purchases and contact you.

  1. Reduce the number of actions to be performed by the user for a conversion.
  2. Use shorter form with a minimum number of fields.
  3. To simplify data entry, use the check boxes, lists, and menu scrolling.
  4. Make all phone numbers interactive.

Simplify navigation

  1. Ideally, all content of the page should be placed on a single screen. Avoid horizontal scrolling.
  2. Develop a clear hierarchy of menu items and avoid pop elements over the links, buttons, etc.
  3. For ease of movement through the levels of the hierarchy, use the navigation buttons on the back and the home page.
  4. Do not place more than seven navigation links on the page.

Make sure users can easily find your offices or stores

  1. Specify the address or have search option on the landing page.
  2. Add a site map and detailed driving directions.
  3. Give users the ability to check availability of products in nearby stores.
  4. Make sure your mobile site is indexed for web search


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