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Tips to Increase Website PR

Website PR is something that all webmasters are concerned about. And it’s not without reason since the success of the website depends on the PR as well. In this article we will talk about how to raise website PR (PageRank). Now we consider the best way to raise PR.

  • Internal linking – this is the so-called initial soution to the question of increasing the PR of websites. With the right approach you can get decent results with this method.
  • Distribution patterns – most webmasters use popular engines like WordPress or Joomla. A website owner with a similar content management system has to select a template. So why not to take advantage of this to raise website PR? You can download, edit, transfer and insert your links there, then just put the templates up for free download.
  • Commenting – remember that pointless comments will not help if you want to achieve the desired result. However writing quality comments that will not be removed can do a lot of good.
  • Dmoz – the presence of your website in this open catalog will increase your PR, but getting your website listed there is difficult. Create a quality resource, quality content. The better quality your website is, the more chances you have to get into the directory. If you are confident in the quality of the site, feel free to submit a request and wait for the result.
  • Link Exchange – Be careful when exchanging links. This can be tricky, but if you do it right it will certainly help to get better PR.
  • Content – Publish interesting and useful content on your website, that will bring traffic to the website.
  • Social sites – if you wrote an interesting article for a specific audience, share it! Involve in social networking websites, find the right audience and success is guaranteed.

Interesting and useful content is the basis for success of your website, so write interesting articles regularly, share it and PR will increase.


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