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Top 4 methods of website promotion

With everyday increasing competition it becomes more difficult to promote a new website. So what methods are actually working the best for web promotion? We will try to answer this difficult question by presenting to your attention the list of top 4 best promotion methods.

Content. Only high-quality content reasonably optimized for search engines. Valuable information is always in demand and if you share useful information with people your website traffic will increase significantly. It will also be great if you publish informative articles with catchy headlines and optimize them for certain keywords and key phrases. The most important thing is not to go too far, the search engines do not like over-optimized articles. Promotion of content takes more time, but it is the foundation that will allow you to successfully develop the site. Of course content must be of high quality.

Usability. Usability is one of the most important aspects of successful website. Your site should be easy to navigate and have interlinking between the pages/articles. When creating a website you should think: What else can be useful or of interest to the user? You can use the extensions for popular CMS, which displays related posts at the end of the page, or enter them manually. In general, it is necessary to study the behavioral factors: the behavior of a user on the site, which landing pages are popular and which are not. How fast can you get to any page of the site? Is it easy to subscribe to your site updates via RSS or email? These are main things to consider when developing and optimizing the website.

Look and feel. Ita��s 2013 and it is time to think about optimizing your site for different mobile devices and displays. And of course it is necessary to avoid aggressive advertising pop-ups on the site. This way your website will only lose the trust of users and search engines. If you prefer to have advertising on your website, make sure it does not annoy or distract the user from the main content.

Linkbuilding. Have guest posts and share links to trusted sites and blogs. They allow you to raise the PR of your website, which has a beneficial effect on the rankings. Do not spam, but place relevant and useful backlinks to content of other websites. Try to have your articles published in other websites relevant to your topic. This is a very cool method of promotion and the pays off with a lot of targeted traffic.


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