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Top SEO trends for 2013

The scope of SEO is in constant motion: methods and technologies change, algorithms are updated. Therefore, SEO specialists should continuously monitor changes in search engines and always think ahead.

American experts believe that over the next year in the field of SEO changes in the following areas are expected.

Social networks

Over the past few years Google gives more importance to social networks while forming search result delivery. Social Media is one of the best ways to determine whether a site is interesting and useful to users.

Changes in search engine algorithms in favor of guest posts

It is assumed that in 2013 changes in algorithms like Panda and Penguin are expected.

Particular attention will be given to high quality guest posts. In general, Google does not approve such publications but over the past few years quality guest posts turn out to be highly effective.

Mobile versions of sites

More and more people use the Internet via mobile devices. According to a research conducted by Google, one of three Internet visitors search for information in the web through iPhone, iPad and similar devices. However, most websites are not designed for use in smartphones, phones, tablets. In 2013, this situation has to change for the better as more and more sites will have mobile versions. This trend will be reflected in SEO as well. The ability to view the resource on mobile devices will be a big plus for its ranking in search engines.

Personalized search

Personalized search is used in Google and in the future its value will only increase. Users will be able to obtain the most current and relevant results.

One of the positive aspects of personalized search is to simplify the process of promotion on local scale. This will allow Google to know more about the location of the company and, thus, improve the quality of search results.


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