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581 Boylston St. Suite 604
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: (617) 535-7653 is an e-commerce website that makes online purchase snappy is a website that enables consumers to pay for their TV licenses online. The way it is designed makes actions like “Pay”, “Update” and “Check” easy to find. Actually, this web design approach beautifully demonstrates “get-ability”.

TV Licensing

The main reason we decided to feature TVLicensing this week was that when our project manager visited the site to buy a TV license, it only took him about two minutes to complete the whole process. Talk of great page speed and remarkable processing power of the e-commerce website! Everyone agrees that delivers one of the most pleasant and smoothest e-commerce experiences. The design makes it easy for users to immediately take the right actions that matter to them, without having to waste time browsing irrelevant content.

With a good designed business website like, its users would be happier and that translates to more profit for you.

Though the site is user-friendly and neatly presents its content, we would recommend a couple of enhancements to the design. On hover, the texts change to lime green, which isn’t good enough for accessibility. For visitors who are suffering from impaired vision, the links would not be visible enough. Moreover, the diagonal texture and bold color/contrast manipulation draw unprecedented attention to the footer. We recommend using a plainer footer, in order to help visitors to focus on content.


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