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Types of web banners

Banner is a graphic image (picture) of advertising character. Banners are often used for advertising purposes, they are placed on the site to attract new customers.

Web banners have a specific address that’s why they are much more effective than the ones that you see in newspapers or billboards on the street, or leaflets that are handed out near the metro.

Banners can be of any size, horizontal and vertical, of different shapes and colors.

Banner size:

Usually banners are used in GIF, JPEG or Flash. Images of such format can be both static and animated. JPEG and GIF images can be easily done in Photoshop. Flash or Java-banners are good because they contain vector graphics, they look much more solid than regular images, they weigh little, and in addition, Flash-banner cannot be stolen and used for personal purpose.

e most popular sizes for banners are: 480 x 60, 400 x 40, 336 x 280, 300×250, 250×250, 240×240, 234×60, 120×60, 125×125, 728×90, 160×600, 100×100, 120×600, 300×600, 88×31.

What are the main functions of a banner?

• The very first and main function of a banner is to draw attention to itself.
• Arise interest for the user in the advertised product or service.
• Intrigue, using, for example, the following text “Click and find out how to get $ 100” 🙂
• Bring to action by making a colorful flash banner with different effects.

Banner weight. That is the picture size in bytes (or kilobytes). There is no special framework here, but everyone is trying make the weight little, since at large weight page loads very slowly.

Animated banners are very popular in the Internet as they always catch attention than regular static images. But, you should not overdo it. Many users complain of such banners.

Finding balance with quality and light weight requires knowledge, experience and talent. Instead of distracting and annoying visitors with constantly flashing banner ad, it’s easier to bring his attention to a beautifully animated cartoon with minimum text, where the services of the company are briefly described or products are being advertised.

What are the components of a banner?

• Of course the name and slogan.
• Picture, illustration showing the essence of the banner.
• Corporate colors that are used on the advertised site.
• Text (such as address, phone number).
• Additional text or advertisement.

When creating a site, you must take into account where the banners will be placed. It is preferable that banners match the theme of the site.

Location of the banner also plays an important role. The banner which is posted on the home page at the top or on the side usually catches sight. Of course, each banner inside contains a hyperlink to the customer’s resource.

Banner design depends on the subject of the advertised resource. If the site is entertaining, the banner will respectively be in bright colors with attractive text. Various reputable companies, on the contrary, use soft, neutral tones and give high value to textual information.

The content, text and the quality of the banner should be such so as to draw attention. To attract new potential customers it is necessary to understand what it is that makes visitors click on the advertisement. Therefore, the content of the banner should be such as to grab the attention of people who have come to the site.


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