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Useful CSS Tips For Beginners

Working with CSS can be a daunting task. It is a powerful language, but once you gain considerable experience, you can create fairly large sites. Here are some tips to help you master its features.

Browser compatibility problems
Browser compatibility is one of the main challenges in building web sites. To make sure that your site works fine in all browsers, you should be sure that the frame of the site looks the same in all browsers. Test your site on different browsers and fix all the discrepancies if any.

Design for browsers with resolutions
Developers usually create their own websites through large monitors. However, not everyone can afford it. Only part of the Internet population uses large monitors for internet access and for viewing web sites. You should make sure that your website looks good on both large and small resolutions.

Using frameworks
There are a number of CSS frameworks available on the internet that can help you make a stable, cross-browser, easy to test design.

Using common classes
Instead of creating multiple CSS classes for each page of your website, try to make some CSS classes that can be used repeatedly. This will help you make sure that the design remains the same on all pages.

Check HTML code through validator
HTML affects CSS. You cannot check CSS code through validator unless you check HTML. In addition, it often happens that HTML changes the site structure and validation is required for proper display.

Avoid large background images
As you know, large images increase the file size of web pages. To avoid this, instead of one large image use a small one.

Do not place CSS directly into HTML-code
Though this is a convenient option and is quick to test, it does not work well in production code. Always keep HTML and CSS separate.

Use as few files as possible
A large number of CSS files lead to difficulties in changing the appearance of any of the site pages. File processing time increases significantly, as the browser makes a special request for each file.



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