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Useful instruments for web designers

1. Extension for Google Chrome – Lightshot

This extension allows us to quickly capture the necessary parts of our screen (not only the interior of the browser, but all that is generally displayed at the moment), to save the captured shot or immediately load the extension into the external server and get a link for sending it.

2. Dropbox

This service is rather helpful as it enables you to share the folders among the participants and to see how the files are updated at the same time. This allows you to quickly show all the changes to your partners, and work on the layout one by one.
Besides it is very convenient to always have access to work projects, to be able to work in any place where you have a computer and internet, as well as always be sure of keeping the most valuable files secure from burning drives, viruses or power outages.

3. IconFinder

If you are constantly searching for icons for a particular situation and not always manage your time to draw something by your own, in this case you may visit the site you may find a great variety of icons for every taste and color.

4. TeamViewer

Through this program you can always perform any operations on a computer which has this program installed, for example working at home on your office computer and at work on your own (home) computer.


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