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Using web-animations in website

Animation has become an indispensable attribute of the modern development of Internet technologies. Elements of animation will certainly liven your website and will make it more dynamic. Basically it refers to sites with large amount of text and other information. In fact, very often the use of many animations and graphics makes it hard to focus on the relevant information, unless the resource is entertaining.

It is necessary to understand how to use animation on the site.

Do not apply animation for the following cases:

1) In the form of useless “beauty” on each page. This will distract visitors from the main information which means that they will possibly leave your site and go to other “quiet” sites.

2) Development of the logo. Logo is the brand, so it should be “convenient” for visual perception, the same applies to the use of animation in the logo – it is not permitted!

3) If the page already contains a lot of information. Any kind of animation, especially flash-movies, significantly increases page size. Visitors will hardly waste half an hour until the page loads, just because you put a cool animation on it.

Use animation when:

1) It is necessary to demonstrate the capabilities the advertised products. With 3d applications you can develop three-dimensional objects and create a “slide show” with control keys applying the flash-technology. However, do not get involved in this technology because a lot of users still use low-speed connections and they are not always able to evaluate all the superb features of your animation. Besides content with flash-animations does not go perfect with search engines making such content unavailable for search, which affects site ranking.

2) It is necessary to track the changes of the object.

3) You need to select a specific page. In such a case you can create a drop-down menu or a pop-up window.


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