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Vital elements of a business website

You’ve been operating a brick-and-mortar business and have been reluctant to let it have an online presence. And you suddenly realized that for the business to have a wider reach, you needed to represent it online, to avoid being outsmarted by your competitors. That’s a great move! However, you need to understand the essential things your business website must have, to make it look professional.

Important pages every small business website must have:
When planning to build a business site, the inescapable web pages that need to be created are the homepage, about us, products, support, contact us and privacy policy.

  • Of course, the homepage will serve as the index of your site with brief descriptions of your most important products and/or services.
  • The “about us” page will contain textual content that describes the type of business you’re engaged in.
  • The “products” page will contain a thumbnail and description of each product with links to the details pages.
  • Your “support” page is where your customers will turn to in the event of any product malfunction. Having it in place will encourage them to stick to you, because you’re there to fix any issue that may arise. On this web page, you should tell visitors how you provide support services.
  • Any small business website that doesn’t include a contact page is effectively dead! Make sure your contact page includes a web form, email address, physical contact address of your business and phone number. Make it easier for customers to reach you and also let them know your office hours.

You’ll most likely be collecting personal information like names and email addresses from visitors when they contact you online. So, it is necessary to create a privacy policy page and tell them what you do with the collected data and how you strive to protect them.


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