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Ways to use Facebook to outrank your competitors on SERPs for targeted keywords

Popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are increasingly being used by businesses to gain the attention of Internet searchers, especially for competitive keywords. The first step is to create a Facebook page and optimize the page strategically.

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In the name field for your business, enter the particular keyword you’re targeting, such as “Boston Web Design”. Whenever you make an update on the Facebook page, that keyword, “Boston Web Design” will appear as the company that made the post.

Be active, interact with other members with similar interests and regularly post updates on your page, to ensure it always has fresh content. That way, web crawlers like GoogleBot and BingBot will be visiting regularly, to keep up with changes on the page. If you keep posting original, quality content, it won’t take long before you start to see your Facebook page at the first page of Google SERPs.

It also helps if you can point a few relevant links to your FB page. Even though without any inbound link to a Facebook page, major search engines will still index it, but this strategy works like a miracle in helping to get the fan page at the top of Google search results.

The Facebook domain has a massive number of quality backlinks, and these make it easy for a fan page within the site to rank well on SERPs for the page name. So, we encourage every client to take advantage of this new phenomenon that combines social media optimization (SMO) with search engine optimization (SEO) to gain top ranking on SERPs for very competitive keywords.


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