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Web Design: Choosing Colors for Your Website

Currently, website is not only a requirement for a successful business, but also individuals.

Selection of colors of the website is essential. If you make a mistake with the selection of colors, it can lead to dire consequences. Any internet portal or blog must have its own individual color, so that it remains in the memory of visitors. In this article you can read about some principles to follow when choosing a color palette for your website.

1. Use natural colors

Before you start choosing colors for your new project, take a look around. Nature can always give the correct color combination. Any of the combinations of colors created by nature can be used to create new designs. A quite ordinary picture, which shows the natural landscape can become the basis of the color palette for the website.

2. Choose the right background

If you choose the wrong color for the background, it could ruin the whole design of the site and repel visitors. When choosing a background it is very important to observe the rule of contrast: that is, if the background color is black, the text should be contrasting, for example, white, and vice versa. It is important here not to make mistakes – for example, do not match red text with a green background.

3. Use maximum five colors

The right combination of colors and elements is essential for the design to be harmonious. The ideal number of colors for the site is no more than from three to five. Of course, you can use more colors. But it will be hard to find more than five colors that look harmonize together.

4. Design for broad audience

You should be able to properly present the most interesting and relevant information the right audience. Of course, the website design should be a pleasant and beautiful. But most importantly the navigation should be logical and understandable for users of different age groups. Remember that excessive use of different animation, can also irritate and scare away visitors.


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