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Website Design: All about usability

What is it all about “usability”? If you plan to take up design, you just need to explore all of its properties and functions. In simple words, usability may be defined as a measure of the quality of the user experience, which will be formed during the whole period of operation with the system or product, such as a website. Due to usability we can change the “friendliness” of the site, or the interface, increase its comprehensibility for the user. Here we assume that visiting a site should be simple and easy for the user so that everything is at hand and clear for navigation. So usability is not one definite fact, it is a group of facts, affecting on how the user will perceive the system. These factors include simplicity, importance, memorization, convenience. If the important rules are not followed, the effectiveness of usability will simply reduce.

Many experts argue that the loss of many online stores is 50% and it is only because of poor usability. It happens because the client simply cannot find a product in a user-friendly way and as a result prefers the competitor’s site. 40% of these clients will be unlikely to return to your site.

To make users revisit your source, you should provide them with easy access to the pages that interest them. Overall site design may also be considered thoroughly to make the loading quicker and the site more convenient and attractive.

In order to bring the site into public attention, it needs to be tested. Ask your friends to visit your site and browse through the pages, write down all the reviews, consider suggestions, eliminate difficulties, analyze everything and give solution to these issues.


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