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Website Design: Simple and Useful Tips

While many web designers are focused on the development of good graphics, others focus on convenience. When the site is easy to navigate, when it is aimed to turn visitors into customers, then it’s time to turn your attention to making it visually appealing. Here are some tips on how to achieve it …

Think like a user
What do you want to find when you first visit a Web site? Are you reading everything in detail or only pay attention to the key words that are important? I think most of the users just look for keywords and key phrases. Do you want to read tons of text to go to the next step or just press the big button that says “Click here?” Ask yourself the same questions. Think about your own behavior and what you want to see on the website, and you will figure out what your user is looking for.

Follow the navigation development rules
Of course, modern technologies are important, but not when it comes to the operation of the site. For example, hyperlinks stand out better in blue. The menu is better positioned at the top or left side. These are some principle of web design, which you should follow. Keep in mind, that users do not need to think about how to use the site because you rather they think about your offers, products, etc. .

Consider characteristic of target market
You can customize the design with regard to demographic characteristics of the audience. If the majority of your visitors are the elderly, you can increase the font size. If your audience is predominantly female, it is better to consider bright colors rather than black and gray for your website design.

Keep the site simple and concise
A mess distracts and discourages. Simple design attracts users, as the users know intuitively that they can easily find what they need. Clean, crisp pages, big headlines, text that is easy to read and easy transition to a different page – all these make your website attractive for users.

Apply these principles to each new website you design and success will be guaranteed.


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