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What is WordPress: Features and Benefits

WordPress is an ideal platform for blogging that comes with accessible and understandable tools, as well as significant additional opportunities. In addition to flexibility and ease of use, another big plus of WordPress is the informational support in the form of open WordPress codex, as well as specialized forum.

What is WordPress?

To give a definition of WordPress, let’s firstly recall what is a blog. Blog is a web site consisting of separate articles (or posts). Moreover, these entries are located on the main page in reverse chronological order – the most recent article is at the top of the page.
Blog engine is a program that is executed by the web server. It is, in fact, what makes the blog run. Most blogging engines work by combining scripts and code that describe a web page, with a database for storing articles and other settings.
All this makes a blogging engine, and such is also the WordPress platform. In a more complex language, WordPress is a content management system (CMS).

Main advantages

First of all, the use of CMS allows people to manage site content, without the knowledge of HTML language (the code that makes the World Wide Web what it is). Besides you can absolutely be sure that no one will inadvertently break the site. Secondly, WordPress is a free software with open code that you can download and install in minutes.

Open code

The code of the platform is open, which means that users can access the mechanism of WordPress and even change the performance of some functions on their own.

Structure of WordPress

Admin Panel is the first page when you log into WordPress. In this section the current information and events are stored – the number of comments, the necessary updates, news related to WordPress.

Administration section also includes Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments , Appearance, Plug-ins, Users, Tools , Settings.


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