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What to Expect from Social Web Technologies in 2012

The social network giant Facebook, with its 800 million users, is not going to rest on its laurels and constantly develops its functionality to attract more and more users. It is for sure that Facebook has a great potential for growth, because a considerable number of backward countries only now start to develop, and the availability of Internet in those areas will evoke a flow of new users to join Facebook social network. Zuckerberg has fundamentally changed the company’s strategy, as for now Facebook focuses not on the communication among users but on the information exchange within the network. Such a seemingly simple solution positively affected the increase of Facebook popularity among Internet audiences.

The aim of all social networks is to get users to spend more time within the network. And if two years ago, according to statistics, an average user spent on Facebook 4.5 hours a month, now there is a considerable increase with the average time spending on the site per month being 7.5 hours. This increase is primarily due to the emergence of gaming applications in many social networks. In addition, the opportunity for exchanging different contents within the network also contributes to this. Developing new ways to capture the attention of users is the highest priority goal for social networks in the coming year.

We may definitely say that in the near future no possible “killers” for Facebook or Twitter will appear. But in all likelihood soon we will refuse watching TV and are going to move to the Internet here to watch videos from YouTube and its television programs which are already made specifically for the Internet audience.

Google TV project is already running, and in 2012 the company aims to re-launch its television project in a completely new concept. Google owns an incredibly popular service YouTube, and it will obviously be associated with television projects being developed by Google. It is also known that YouTube is investing in premium for programming and user interface design for high resolution screens. It is the integration of these two components that will allow Google to become a leader of Internet TV space. But at the moment Google has a serious competitor, that is Apple TV, so in the future a major war over the territory of the Internet media market is expected between these two giants.


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