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Which scripting language is right for developing a business website?

Many business owners get confused when confronted with a choice of scripting language for their yet-to-be-designed websites. The most common question is “what language is right for me?” Well, to correctly answer that question, you have to tell the web designer or web application developer the features and functionality you want your new website to include. What you want to achieve with the site would help the designer to recommend the most appropriate scripting language. These are the vital things to consider:

Scripting Languages

Do you want visitors to have some form of interaction with the website or do you want them to only view your content and leave? For a business website, you’d most likely want your target audience to be able to send you messages via a web form on the site. In that case, client-side language like HTML won’t be enough – you’d have to use a server-side scripting language like PHP or ASP to accomplish that. You can largely design the site with plain HTML and develop the sections that require interaction with visitors using a server-side language. Both PHP and ASP have their advantages and disadvantages; so you’d have to weigh them before making a choice.

Which server platform does the web host you want to sign up with have? For a full HTML-based website, you don’t have to worry about this, as it can function optimally on both Windows and Linux platforms. The story gets a bit more complicated when you use server-side scripting language to create your website. Even though ASP can work on Linux servers, but it can develop occasional issues. So, Windows is best for ASP-based websites. Likewise, PHP’s native environment is Linux platform and it works optimally on it.


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