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Whois Lookup for Domains and IP-addresses

Whois is a service that provides full information about a domain (if already registered) or helps to find out if it is available.
You need only to enter into the cell the site you are interested in and wait a few seconds. After checking the domain all the available information about the requested resource will be displayed.

What is whois and what opportunities does it provide?

The network protocol is responsible for the transmission of data about the owner of a particular IP- address or any web site and domain name. Referring to servers and databases located in the public domain, whois software interface provides contact information, including addresses and phone numbers, data about registration and the provider.

Whois is an effective and easy way to get out on the malicious spammers, find out where your desired domain name may become available, or to acquire necessary information about any person who is registered on the Web. This method is, of course, good, simple, safe and beneficial when used.

Whois for your convenience

Today, many of us want to build a website or have already created it. However, the registration of any domain name requires a thorough check review. After all, every website owner aims to give his “brainchild” an original name which is not found on the internet or at least is not registered by another user.

If you want to make sure that the desired name of your future site is not occupied by another user, you are recommended to check it out. In this case many users often use search engines or browsers. However, this check is not 100 % productive, because sometimes the registered domain name is not used at all or is not in use temporarily, as the owner prepares the site to the “start”.
Currently, whois is a very popular service among novice site owners who come to check the availability of a domain through this source. In case the requested domain name has already been registered under another owner we recommend that you carefully read the information in the report issued by whois and contact the owner of the “desired” domain name. Maybe you can manage to get that very domain name for a particular amount of money.


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