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Why black hat SEO is not good for your business website

Almost every site owner strives to get his/her web pages at the top of SERPs, when Internet users search for keywords and key phrases related to the pages’ content. The competition gets even more intense when you have a business site. And this leads many webmasters to use all kinds of strategies and techniques, regardless of if they’re acceptable or not, to optimize their sites for search engines. There are several reasons why you should watch out and ensure the SEO service provider you hire only deploys white hat search engine optimization strategies and techniques. Here we’re going to outline some of those reasons why black hat SEO is bad:

Black Hat SEO

  • Top SERP ranking gained via black hat SEO is always transient, as opposed to white hat optimization, which endures the test of time.
  • You risk triggering Google’s web spam filter when you use black hat optimization, which is strictly against its guidelines for webmasters.
  • You risk being reported to major search engines by your competitor.
  • The website you worked so hard to get at the top of search results can be penalized in some ways or even totally banned on search results pages. If Google bans your website due to black hat tactics, it would take the search giant a long time – months – years to lift the ban.

When you want to optimize a business website, make sure you fully understand all the major search engines’ guidelines for webmasters, search ranking factors, and acceptable and unacceptable SEO techniques. Moreover, you have to map out time to religiously follow the ever-changing search engine algorithms. If you don’t have enough time and expertise to do so, it’s recommended you hire an SEO specialist.


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