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Why you need contrast in web design?

This article is intended primarily for young designers with some tips as how to make your product more visible.

Contrast is the basis of all the greatness of design. By creating a logo or an advertising layout or even a menu in a restaurant, first of all we hope that our work will catch an eye and will be stored in memory for a long time, so that it will contrast on the background with other suchlike creations. So the conclusions are as follows:

1. Bright color is not yet considered to be a contrast. Here’s an example from life. You go around the city and see red spots here and there, in one place you see billboards, in the other signs , in the third advertising in transport, etc. The background here is in bright red color.

And on the other hand, you turn your head and see that somewhere over the inconspicuous entrance in the courtyard, it is written in thin, slightly reddish letters: “Stomatology”. And the funny thing is that most likely no design interventions can be noticeable here. It’s all only about an object that is contrasting, simple but at the same time different from all the surrounding objects.

2. Here is another example. You walk along the long streets that have relatively the same white houses. You have a specific goal, a particular house, maybe you knew which one it was from the “Main Street”, but you just forgot to count.

You know only that on the building there is a small defect in the form of a rolled away piece. And then, you unmistakably recognize that house, moreover, you will never forget it. This spot on the white plaster was the trick for your eyes, even though it was quite small. Such a phenomenon in design is known as “troublemaker.”

Troublemaker is a visual image that contrasts with the background that is eye-catching and is often capable to contribute to the better memorization the overall solutions implemented by a web designer.

3. The text is one of the elements of graphic solutions. If this is not an ad in a magazine or directory, reduce the amount of small text to a minimum.

The idea must be clear and unambiguous, written in a nutshell. And the visual image should back up.

4. The color palette should be selected based on where your work will be placed. Require information if you want quality. You need as much information as you can obtain from the customer and a little more.


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