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Why you should not have auto-playing video and audio on your business website

Conventional wisdom states that web users respond positively to videos more than they do to ordinary textual content. This belief has led many site owners to add videos on their web pages, with the hope to use them as calls to action. But some people ignorantly enable auto-play of their web videos without knowing the negative impact they have on visitors. Using a video to convince your visitors to purchase items from you is unquestionably good, but don’t annoy them with auto-play. It’s important to give visitors the freedom to choose to either listen or not – listening doesn’t have to be mandatory.

Auto-playing Video

You have to understand that not everyone will like to listen to your video presentation. And naturally, this group of visitors will most likely navigate away from your site, if your page tries to force them to view a video. This rule is also true for auto-playing audio. Do not irritate your potential customers with unwanted sound/music.

So, you have just seen that even though your intentions are noble when you add video to your web page, auto-play can drive potential customers away from you. Overall, your business website needs to have a good presentation of content that logically makes sense to your target audience, without annoying some of them.


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