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Every Friday we feature one of the best-designed websites, in order to help small business owners to see the vital elements that make the sites great, and also pick one or two things from them. In our last article of the year 2011, we feature Yes I Am Precious – a rider’s non-profit organization that helps those suffering from cancer. But our reason for featuring it isn’t because of its link with helping cancer patients, but because it has what it takes to be included as one of the best web designs.

Yes I Am Precious

The homepage is complex, cool and clean, and wisely uses Flash without sacrificing the need for search engine-friendly textual content. Because of how interesting the content is, the visitors would be compelled to look around.

You’ll notice that the Flash developer cleverly twisted the bicycle to make it the hero of the piece and not its rider. The ingenious mechanisms are very interesting to behold and subsequently draw the visitor in to feel involved. The catch there is that the visitor would be more likely to support the charitable cause, when he/she feels more involved. That is a good marketing strategy which you can implement on your own business website.

However, it could use an arrow from the headline to the bicycle. We also found out that the white body text over textured grey background makes the content hard to read.


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